Cheaper TV Subscription online - GoTv, Dstv, Startimes.

Cheaper TV Subscription online - GoTv, Dstv, Startimes.

Do you know you can conviently subscribe your GOtv, Dstv and Startimes from your mobile phone, at the comfort of your home? Yes, with, things gets easier!

Subscribing with paycheap means you can now save your money, as PayCheap offer best TV sub experience, at 0.5% Discount which is done at the convenience of your home, anytime of the day, with no extra charges of N100 like you pay on app and physical vendors. Can you beat that!

The process is simple
Simply register on and activate your portal with a one-time fee of #1000. After that, navigate to the TV SUBSCRIPTION part, and choose your service provider, insert your SMART CARD/ IUC NUMBER, and also input your CUSTOMER NAME. It is a very easy process that will be completed in the twinkling of an eye.

Below, we have taken time to highlight the various monthly plans of each service provider. Here we go:


GOtv Nigeria is a pay TV service, that make use of the latest Digital Terrestrial Broadcast Technology, DVB-T2, which means that its services are deployed through TV masts and accessible only in locations with GOtv transmitter coverage. This also mean that it is not easily affected by weather.

GOtv Nigeria offers a maximum of 38 channels and a minimum of 11 channels, and it can be bought with as low as N6,900. The package cost includes a GOtv decoder, an antenna, and 1-month free GOtv Plus subscription. It comes with different bouquets with different prices. Below is the Bouquet Plans and their prices:

  1. GOtv Plus = ₦1,900

  2. GOtv Value = ₦1,300

  3. GOtv Lite = ₦450


DStv (Digital Satellite Television) is regarded as the best digital satellite TV service in the country, and offers subscribers access to general entertainment, sport, movies, music, news and commerce, documentaries, lifestyle and culture, children entertainment and religion channels from around the globe. DStv Nigeria offers a variety of packages you can subscribe to, such as:

  1. DStv Access Subscription fee: 1,900 Naira monthly.

  2. DStv Family Subscription fee: 3,800 Naira monthly.

  3. DStv Compact Subscription fee: 6,300 Naira per month.

  4. DStv Compact Plus Subscription fee: 9,900 Naira every month.

  5. DStv Premium Subscription fee: 14,700 per month.


StarTimes is a subscription-based television service that revolutionized Pay TV in the country with its very affordable subscription packages. Below are the StarTimes subscription packages available:

  1. StarTimes NOVA Bouquet = N900 Naira per month

  2. StarTimes Basic Bouquet = N1300 Naira

  3. StarTimes Classic Bouquet = N2600 Naira per month.

  4. StarTimes Unique Bouquet = N3,300 Naira per month.

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